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when the person who volunteers to read is completely illiterate   


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A few pictures to inspire empathy. Feels.

one thing that has to be said to 3rd picture: it were as much men as women and children killed in these chambers. Also not only Jews, also people who spoke against Hitler, Gipsy and other minorities.

I’m actually crying into my breakfast.

one thing these pictures prove is that their is a lot of evil in the world. but there is just as much good and beauty in it. 

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So I promised a giveaway when I hit 2k! (Sorry for the delay!) Anyway I hope you all like this! 

What you’ll win :

So I always feel bad when people don’t win things so I’m making this giveaway where 2 people have a chance of winning some cool stuff!

  • Winner #1 : 

Ocean Mineral Bath Salts (100% vegan & NO animal testing! yay ! )

- 2 candles (you choose)

- 5 “Cool Water” incenses 

- Seashell Bracelet 

- Little Note from me !

  • Winner #2

- 2 candles

- 5 “Cool Water” Incenses

- Seashell Bracelet

- Little Note from me! 


  • This is a gift to my FOLLOWERS because I promised them a giveaway, so must be following me (free-spirit-brightest-smiles) will be checking!
  • Reblogs/Likes both count cause only counting reblogs is a hassle!
  • MUST be willing to give me a mailing address to send your prize (If underage please get your parents permission)
  • ASK BOX OPEN / 48 hours to reply or I’ll pick another winner.
  •  Enter as many times as you like, but please don’t annoy your followers.

~Will be using random.org to be fair ! Everyone will have an equal chance!~

| Giveaway ends on St.Patrick’s Day! March 17,2013 |

I love you all my little flowers & wish you luck ! 

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psychedelicatessenn’s first giveaway!

a few followers late, but here it is!

i know there are a lot of these going around right now, but have another because i love you all.

alright here are the rules:

  1. please be following me
  2. please reblog this as many time as ya like
  3. no giveaway blogs, cmon be fair
  4. message me your favourite colour

now thats not too hard is it?

here are your spoils:

  1. delicious nag champa incense sticks, moon incense cones, a cute lil burner
  2. an amazing handmade (by my boyfriends mom) palm wax candle
  3. a bar of eco-friendly bamboo and green tea soap
  4. a ceramic tea cup
  5. a ceramic turtle ash tray!!!
  7. a custom handmade tie dye by yours truly


  1. a couple of handmade hemp bracelets
  2. a really weird cd
  3. a mixtape made by moi inspired by your blog
  4. my undying love

also i will probably add some other random knick knacks before this is over.

i will randomly pick the winner on the ides of march.

good luck everybody!

reblog away

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Always,will reblog

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last year i was eating in a fancy, large restaurant when i began to hear a rumble and the distant sound of people chanting ‘potassium, potassium’ and suddenly hundreds of people dressed as bananas flood this restaurant chanting potassium over and over and we were trapped there for a very long time because the bananas would not leave and they were everywhere

imagei wasn’t joking

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this show is ruining my life

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aqua vitae and silver.

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